Uniting center for creativity

Nabolagshager is a partner of the project «UNITING CREATIVITY CENTER – PRAGIEDRULIŲ HOMESTEAD»

Culture Centre in Skaistakalnis Park funded under the project


The aim of the project:
Encourage public involvement in cultural processes in a revitalized cultural heritage site that meets the needs of local communities through creative localization techniques and cultural entrepreneurship training. Skaistakalnis Park is a unique place in Panevėžys, Lithuania located in the center of the city, but still retaining its natural character on the northern side, based on the industrial area. Poet, activist, lawyer Juozas Čerkesas-Besparnis had his own homestead in this park. It was a place for people to choose and exchange ideas. The homestead was surrounded by a well-kept garden of roses and fruit trees.

The project “UNIFYING CENTER FOR CREATIVITY – PRAGIEDRULIAI HOMESTEAD” aims to develop cultural entrepreneurship taking into account the local context and creating studies in different artistic disciplines that will use artistic tools, creative localization methods and collaborate with stakeholders. These activities will also demonstrate the integrated and sustainable management and governance of cultural heritage. Equipped with different studios, an inclusive arts residency will ensure the development of cultural entrepreneurial skills at the local level.

The homestead will be equipped with studios and spaces: applied art studio, theater studio, audio-video studio, residence space, community space, community garden.

Project partners: Panevėžys Musical Theater, Theatre “Menas”, Aukštaičiai-Žemaičiai Community, Nabolagshager AS (Norway), Stasys Eidrigevičius Art Centre.

The project budget is EUR 1,078,557.67
From the EEA Financial Mechanism EUR 959,839.67
The municipality’s contribution is EUR 118,718
Project duration – 33 months.