Nabolagshager provides feasibility studies and strategies for

  • urban agriculture
  • green meeting places
  • cycle-based food innovation
  • active integration through cultivation and green activities
  • innovation around urban and local environment development with a focus on cultivation climate-smart solution and circular solutions
  • placemaking and community engagement

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credit: Julie Hrnčířová

Green urban development

We are at a crossroads in urban development, where the focus has changed in many ways from construction and infrastructure to people and meeting places. We see that living cities are to a certain extent created by the surroundings, but that it is where the green and the human meet that magic is created and future-oriented cities are formed. In such a scenario, new working methods and input are needed – and here Nabolagshager can help!

Nabolagshager provides consulting services in urban ecology. We can provide input on green urban development, cultivation integrated into housing projects, living environment strategies, and resident participation, etc.

We also assist in specific projects, including the development of backyard, roof farm, and other urban cultivation projects.


Skjermbilde (54).png
Illustrasjon, utomhusplan, innovasjonskonkurranse for OBOS/Ulven. Samarbeide mellom Reiulf Ramstad arkitekter as, Betonmast as og Nabolagshager (illustrasjon: RRA).

Urban Nature

In collaboration with biologists and plant scientists, we can e.g. deliver biodiversity surveys, strategies for facilitating pollinators and urban biodiversity, as well as rehabilitation of ecosystems and collection and use of urban plants, – so-called weeds.

credit: Mandel&Sesam


We hold tailor-made lectures for public actors, companies, teams, and associations. Lectures can cover a wide range of activities we work with, including status for urban agriculture in Norway, cultivation as a meeting place and social housing measures, cultivation on roofs and walls, etc.

Examples of customers: The Urban Environment Agency in Oslo, OBOS, the Public Health Conference, Bergen Municipality, the Ministry of the Environment, the KUBE Art Museum, the Eat Your City conference (DK), the FAGUS Gartnerforbundets fagkonferanse, Hagemessen, and NTNU.

The lectures usually last from 20 – 40 minutes, but shorter and longer programs can also be agreed. Fees depend on the length of the post, and the degree of tailoring to a topic, and range from NOK 5,500 to NOK 12,000. For non-profit actors, garden companies, etc. the lectures are remunerated according to the authors’ association’s rates. Travel expenses are in addition.