Growing Jobs in Urban Agriculture Workshop

About the workshop

Are you dreaming of a job in urban agriculture? Do you want to contribute to urban agriculture as a thriving industry? Save the date! Nabolagshager will be hosting ‘Growing Jobs in Urban Agriculture’ on the 23rd of October from 10:00 to 16:30. This workshop will provide an interactive space for participants to explore business models for urban agriculture.

‘Growing Jobs in Urban Agriculture’ aims to facilitate exchange among urban agriculture experts, students, and supporters on a major challenge urban farmers are facing: the need to develop business models that are tailored to their community’s needs and their customers’ desires. 

The workshop will be highly interactive with short sessions of knowledge transfer from experts in the field accompanied by space to work in groups through real-life cases. Our goal is that participants will understand deeply how to develop their own business model for an urban agriculture enterprise – becoming equipped with the necessary tools to do so.

Conference topics will include those that are key to developing a relevant, successful and tailored business model:

  • Maximising impact
  • Forging new alliances across disconnected domains
  • Finding new synergies
  • Using social media tools effectively
  • Key resources
  • Who are the customers?
  • Integrating outreach to business
  • Where does the money go?
  • Grant/funding schemes

This workshop will be an excellent occasion for sharing, learning and discussing urban agriculture business models. 


Nora May Engeseth
Nora is a graduate with the master’s programme Development, Environment and Cultural Change at the Centre for Development and Environment, University of Oslo. Her research focused on sustainable transitions within the Norwegian food system and the alternative food network REKO in Oslo. She is currently working as a deputy leader for the environment and development youth organisation Spire.

Natalie Keene
Natalie is an agroecologist with a small consulting business through which is of support to farms and community gardens, runs workshops in the various stages of organic food growing and composting, and is engaged in public speaking. Her specialties are urban and peri urban community supported agriculture and engaging consumers in the food system to become active actors. She along with her partner farm Kirkeby andelslandbruk in Maridalen, and she is also the manager of Dysterjordet Andelslandbruk, a big CSA farm in Ås.

Stian Broch
Stian is a food photographer based in Oslo. He is working with commercial clients, advertising, packaging, restaurants and does also editorial work such as magazines and books. Stian is focusing on making food look as tasty as possible rather than over styling the picture.

Details about the cases and registration will be available very soon. We look forward to seeing you there!

Vanessa Krogh, Villbrygg
Vanessa discovered her passion for food during her journey living in London, Paris, Singapore, Berlin, Copenhagen and Oslo. When learning about the food system, she became increasingly passionate about finding smarter ways to use the planet’s resources and how to inspire that change in people. While investigating different directions in tackling the big issues of the food industry, she found the most promising of those ideas together with her business partner. Villbrygg’s unique brand and products will help us understand how key business activities can create livelihoods while staying true to social and environmental commitments.

Siri Mittet, Gruten
Siri is founder and CEO of the Oslo based business Gruten AS. The company makes innovative products with coffee grounds and works to raise awareness and practical knowledge around the use of this valuable resource. During the fall of 2018 Siri and her small team established Norway’s first urban oyster mushroom farm at Vollebekk fabrikker. Inside two insulated shipping containers the business currently produces 40-50 kilos of oyster mushrooms a week. Siri’s unique experience and expertise will help us rethink about the variety of resources urban agriculture businesses can tap into to flourish!

David Bratlie, Dugurd kantiner
Resourcer, food developer and product manager for ‘Dugurd’, David worked as a restaurant-chef for 14 years, mostly in Oslo but also with longer periods in Bei-Jing and Paris. He partly toured as a musician from 2005-2016, collecting a lot of inspiration on food and Sustainability from underground scenes in Europe, Canada and Japan. His perspective will help us explore the relationship between Urban Agriculture growers and urban kitchens.

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