Academy for green city life

Akademi for grønt byliv


The academy for green city life engages young people to actively contribute to sustainable urban development. Young people have a leading role in contributing to our society, they learn about project work and gain relevant job experience.

The academy for green city life facilitates young people to become acknowledged and visible as community and city life experts. We will establish two teams with youth researchers and experienced mentors for larger and small projects focusing on the mapping of needs to realizing practical changes. The mentors train the youth in developing research questions, how to conduct quantitative and qualitative research, and how to evaluate it. Collaboration with bachelor’s and master’s students may give the youth insights into different fields of study and career paths.

The Location

The main areas for the green city life academy are the schoolyard of Hersleb high school including the school’s garden, the street neighboring the school as well as streets in the area that are included in the action plan for increased city life in Grønland og Tøyen (Handlingsplanen for Økt Byliv for Grønland og Tøyen). The project is not only meaningful for the employed youth but also for their peer students and neighbors who gain channels to be heard. Further, all people participating in events and using the urban furniture may benefit from the project. Research conducted by the youth research team shows that students at Hersleb high school wish for more activities after school hours such as outdoor cinemas, concerts, workshops, and sports tournaments. They also wish for more colors and plants. Youth teams have already worked on building mobile pop-up furniture with integrated planters and vibrant colors which creates a great starting point for future transformations of the schoolyard and area as well as collaborations with the school.


The academy for green city life will have a sister project in Brussels the Academy of urban Action to exchange tools, methods, and learnings from the process. Youth in Oslo and Brussels will get a chance to exchange and compare their work and gain an international perspective. Collaboration with various local community stakeholders and in teams will strengthen the neighborhood and the young people’s soft skills.

The project is funded by Sparebankstiftelsen DNB.

Photo credit: Julie Hrnčířová