Academy for Green City Life

Akademi for grønt byliv (AGB)


The aim of the “Academy for green city life” project is to build on the experience and results from a previous European project called “PlaceCity – Placemaking for Sustainable, Thriving Cities” and continue facilitating that young people become change agents for sustainable urban development.

During the project, a team of youth researchers will explore how young people perceive city life around Grønland and Tøyen. This area already has a diverse, vibrant and dynamic city life. However, according to the new action plan for increased urban life in Grønland og Tøyen (in Norwegian: Handlingsprogram for økt byliv på Grønland og Tøyen), there is a great need for improvements when it comes to safety, traffic, quality of streets and urban spaces, and better connections between existing parks, squares and other destination points. Through different participatory action research methods like walking interviews and photovoice, youth researchers will interview other young people from the area to identify and map youth’s needs and ideas to ensure that they can have a voice in the process of increasing urban life in Grønland og Tøyen.

Afterwards, the qualitative information will be analysed and the main findings will be used in the next phase of the project, where youth researchers will design and execute short-term tactical urbanism measures to explore how urban spaces can be improved in different ways in collaboration with local actors. The last part of the project will be to gather all the experiences, visual images and accompanying stories in an interactive exhibition at Intercultural Museum in Grønland, so a wider audience can learn from the project results and the young people’s work.

Youth Research Team


The Academy for Green City Life project is managed by Nabolagshager, in collaboration with other local partners like Hersleb highschool, Intercultural Museum at Grønland, Gamle Oslo District, the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU), og Foreningen Grønland foreldre og barn.

The AGB project will also have a sister project in Brussels called «the Academy of Urban Action», run by Urban Foxes. Youth in Oslo and Brussels will get a chance to exchange and compare their work and gain an international perspective.

The project is funded by Sparebankstiftelsen DNB and the Urban Renewal Program of Grønland and Tøyen.

For questions about this project, contact project manager Laura Martinez.

Photo credit: Julie Hrnčířová