Oslo Incubator for sustainable food production

About the incubator

“The goal of the incubator is to spread knowledge, develop methods, and build infrastructure to increase sustainable food production in Oslo and Viken.”

In the future, all jobs must be green! One of the professions is to be a small-scale urban farmer. Nabolagshager has worked extensively with sustainable business models in the span between urban ecology and social sustainability in recent years, and is proud to team up with experienced business developers for market gardens and sustainable food such as the Swedish Statsbruk! Together with Bymiljøetaten I Oslo kommune, Fylkesmannen I Oslo og Viken, and Spirende Oslo we offer an intensive course and mentoring program in winter and spring 2021. If you do not have your place to cultivate, we have reserved space for you at Linderud Nærmiljøhage.

In short, the incubator will offer soil, courses, and mentorship.

credit Julie Hrnčířová


The incubator program offers soil to the participants at Linderud Gård for the time of their participation.  

Three 250 square meter test-beds and six 30 square meter test beds are available.

However, participation is also possible for those with their own growing space secured somewhere else.

credit Nabolagshager


The incubator program comprises 5-6 courses. The courses draw on a variety of essential topics.

They will range from market gardening methods, distribution and marketing, to soil and plant health. The courses will also draw on value-added products and business models.

The course fee is 1200 NOK.

credit Julie Hrnčířová


All participants with 250 square meter test-beds at Linderud will have mentorship available.

This means that they get the chance to have weekly one-on-one time with experts as needed.

The expert team has a vast diversity ranging from farmers to business advisers, and more.

Further information on the incubator

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