The Team

Nabo_JHrncirova_portraits-3564HELENE GALLIS – Director of Partnerships and Innovation. Helene founded Nabolagshager in 2013 and has previously worked with sustainability issues in Spain, USA, Germany and Norway with organisations such as Worldwatch Institute and The United Nations Development Programme.  She has experience from a wide field, including sustainable production and consumption, policy development, entrepreneurship and strategic communication. Helene is educated in sustainability and communication from Australia, Ecuador, Mexico and Spain, with expertise in urban ecology, corporate social responsibility and green entrepreneurship. She published the book DYRK BYEN! – håndbok for urbane bønder in 2015, which was Norway’s first book on urban farming projects.

  • Projects: Stensparken Nærmiljøhage, private sector consultancy
  • Contact: helene @
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Nabo_JHrncirova_portraits-3331ADAM CURTIS – CEO                                                            Adam has worked with sustainable agriculture and social design for the past decade in both the US and Norway. With a masters in Development, Environment and Cultural Change from the University of Oslo, Adam has focused his work on the connections between sustainable transitions and social change. He currently acts as CEO for Nabolagshager, managing a portfolio of international research projects and social programming spanning topics from sustainable food systems to inclusive design.


LAURA MARTINEZ IZQUIERDO – Director of Research        Laura comes from Spain where she studied biology and conservation of biodiversity. She also holds a master’s degree in forest and nature conservation from Wageningen University in the Netherlands. Previously, she has worked as a researcher in Panama and as rainforest campaigner in Greenpeace Norway. Laura manages Nabolagshager’s portfolio of national and international research and innovative projects that aim to achieve sustainable and participatory urban development. She also coordinates collaborative grant proposals and builds consortiums for EU projects.

Nabo_JHrncirova_portraits-3877KIMBERLY (KIM) WEGER – Community Relations                  Kim comes from Canada and has her Master’s degree in political science from the University of Calgary, with research on community participation in development in Ghana.  After finishing her career as an international athlete in speed skating, Kim worked in Germany in an international sport development project. Kim works with Nabolagshager on community engagement, with a focus on grassroots and gendered participation, as well as writing international grant proposals.

Annabel MempelANNABEL MEMPEL  –  Project coordinator Annabel is from Germany, where her work focused on cultural communication. With an M.Phil. in Development, Environment & Cultural Change from the University of Oslo, she transitioned her focus to nature conservation, international cooperation and global biodiversity challenges. She has experience in project managing with youth, facilitating cultural exchange,  and academic qualitative research about communities and conservation practices.  At Nabolagshager, she is responsible for Erasmus+ projects, working with international partners and local youth engagement.

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Christina WongCHRISTINA WONG – Project coordinator.  Christina comes from Norway and holds a master degree in urban and regional planning from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. With a background from human geography she has worked with participation in planning amongst underrepresented youth and communities, access of public green spaces and urban agriculture in compact cities. She has previously worked at Young Friends of the Earth Norway with youth engagement for local and national environmental policy.  At Nabolagshager Christina is responsible for international research projects on youth, trust and democracy.

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Hai-Ying_Liu_460x580 (1)

HAI-YING LIU – Consultant / senior researcher.  Dr. Hai-Ying Liu has 20 years broad multidisciplinary experience within environmental field work, international cooperation, coordination tasks of EU scale projects, and developing EU project proposals. Her broad research in ecology, nature-based solutions, citizen science, citizens’ observatories, environmental exposure assessment, urban environmental sustainability, and integrative approaches for assessment of environmental stressors and pressures, as well as exploitation of low-cost micro-sensors of air quality for various applications has resulted in the publication of 60 papers in prestigious peer reviewed journals and a Ph.D. in Environmental Biology from the University of Oslo. Dr. Liu worked at the Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Science (CRAES), Beijing, China before she joined the Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU) in 2008. She is originally from Inner Mongolia, China.

nabo_jhrncirova_portraits-3638-2JULEDA FETISI – Youth mentor.  Juleda is a 21-year-old bachelor student of Special Education at the University of Oslo. She was born and raised in Grünerløkka. She started working in our youth program Oslo Living Lab in 2019 when she studied at H2O high school. She is currently working on our new project «Academy for green city life», where together with a team of youth researchers are working on making Grønland and Tøyen a better place for young people. 

Emma CorbettEMMA CORBETT – Consultant / youth mentor – community events and participation.  Emma worked as a town planner in Melbourne,  Australia for 9 years before deciding to make a career change into a greener direction, bringing her to Norway and the masters programme in Human Geography at UiO.  As part of her research, she is currently exploring alternative food networks and the dynamics of local urban food initiatives.  Putting this research into practice,  Emma is currently working part time at Stensparken Nærmiljøhage and together with  the youth team, they are planning projects and engaging the community in participatory activities within this urban garden space.  

  • Project: Stensparken community garden
  • Contact: emma @
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portrett ondrejONDREJ NENTWICH – Consultant / youth mentor – permaculture / assistant gardener. Ondrej assists Nabolagshager in the execution of private sector gardening projects, where he explores ways to make conventional landscaping more sustainable. Ondrej also works part-time mentoring the youth garden team at Stensparken Nærmiljøhage, as they convert the community garden into a food forest. He holds a permaculture design certificate (PDC) and is currently enrolled as a Bachelor student of Biochemistry at UiO.

  • Project: Stensparken community garden
  • Contact: ondrej @

Other Freelancers and Consultants 

jen portrettJEN MCCONACHIE – Permaculture designer and educator.  Jen has ten years experience working with permaculture design and community building initiatives and specialises in food forest design. She holds Permaculture Design Certificate and is completing a permaculture diploma in education. Jen has worked with plant production and consulting at Efferus Veksthus and designed many forest gardens from small backyards to the roof of Økern Portal, Oslo. Originally from Scotland, she has initiated many community projects in Horten, such as Fruktdugnad og Spiselig By. She has a background as a DJ/composer and is passionate about co creating a regenerative future together with nature.

idil_norveç_gardenerIDIL AKDOS – Project Coordinator. Idil is from Istanbul, Turkey and is educated as a molecular biologist. She also holds a master’s degree in Agroecology from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. Idil has worked as a field coordinator for a sustainability company and has run a permaculture rooftop garden in Istanbul, focusing on community building and education. At Nabolagshager, Idil works as a mentor with the youth of Oslo Living Lab, growing food, beekeeping, and giving workshops. 

_MG_0008Graphic Design – VICTOR PAIAM. Victor is originally from Spain. He has an art education from San Telmo University in Malaga and a personal commitment to environmental protection and permaculture. Victor has extensive experience in illustrations of botany and wildlife, illustrations of sustainable lifestyles and the development of visual identity for environmental initiatives and organizations.

Photo credit, photo 1-4 and 6: Julie Hrnčířová