The Team

dyrkeprosjektet-pa-vaterland-ble-etablert-av-helene-gallis-i-nabolagshager-pa-oppdrag-fra-bymiljoetaten-foto-monica-lovdahlHELENE GALLIS (on permanent sick leave) Helene founded Nabolagshager in 2013 and has previously worked with sustainability issues in Spain, USA, Germany and Norway with organisations such as Worldwatch Institute and The United Nations Development Programme.  She has experience from a wide field, including sustainable production and consumption, policy development, entrepreneurship and strategic communication. Helene is educated in sustainability and communication from Australia, Ecuador, Mexico and Spain, with expertise in urban ecology, corporate social responsibility and systems theory. She published the book DYRK BYEN! – håndbok for urbane bønder in 2015, which was Norway’s first book on urban farming projects.

FullSizeRenderDirector of Research – LAURA MARTINEZ IZQUIERDO – Laura comes from Spain where she studied biology and conservation of biodiversity. She also holds a master’s degree in forest and nature conservation from Wageningen University in the Netherlands. Previously, she has worked as a researcher in Panama and as rainforest campaigner in Greenpeace Norway. Laura manages Nabolagshager’s portfolio of international and national innovative projects, with a special responsibility for the Horizon 2020 program, as well as she leads an interdisciplinary and multicultural team of consultants and freelancers who work with us on specific projects.

  • Projects: PlaceCity, EdiCitNet
  • Contact: laura @
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adam Researcher – ADAM CURTIS: Originally from the United States, Adam has a decade of experience in urban agriculture and entrepreneurship. He holds a master’s degree in Development, Environment and Cultural Change from the Center for Development and the Environment at the University of Oslo. At Nabolagshager, Adam works with research, business development, and project management with specialization in business models, circular economy, and sustainable food systems.

  • Projects: FoodE, EdiCitNet, PlaceCity
  • Contact: adam @
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idil_norveç_gardenerProject Coordinator – IDIL AKDOS – Idil is from Istanbul, Turkey and she is a molecular biologist. She also holds a master’s degree in Agroecology from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. Idil worked as a field coordinator for a sustainability company and then ran a permaculture rooftop garden in Istanbul, focusing on community building and education. At Nabolagshager, Idil works as a mentor with the youth of Oslo Living Lab, growing food, beekeeping, and giving workshops. She is also running a pilot project for a Horizon 2020 project.

  • Projects: ACTION, Tak for Maten, Oslo Living Lab
  • Contact: idil @
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kimCommunity Relations – KIMBERLY (KIM) WEGER – Kim comes from Canada and has her Master’s degree in political science from the University of Calgary, with research on community participation in development in Ghana.  After finishing her career as an international athlete in speed skating, Kim worked in Germany in an international sport development project. Kim works with Nabolagshager on community engagement, with a focus on grassroots and gendered participation, as well as writing international grant proposals.

  • Projects: EdiCitNet
  • Contact: kim @
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dsc_2737-1Accounting – ZUFAN AMARE YESHAW – Zufan has a college education in accounting and has worked with accounting for 25 years in Ethiopia before coming to Norway in 2007. She is also involved in democracy development in her native country and is a board member of several organizations involved in related work.


Other Freelancers and Consultants 


Researcher – KATE MILOSAVLJEVIC – Kate is originally from New Zealand, but has lived in Norway for a number of years. She holds a PhD in social anthropology and has held post-doc research stays in both Scotland and Ireland. In Nabolagshager she works with various research projects where she contributes with expertise on application processes, research ethics, and impact measurement. Kate also works as associate professor at Oslo Metropolitan University (OsloMet), is affiliated with the University of Edinburgh as a researcher.

17903377_1925030911076331_3660991872659557490_nMaster Gardener – TATIANA DESÈVES – Tatiana is supports us with garden design, concept development and planting in our various projects. She has supplementary education in permaculture and school garden pedagogy, and has long and varied experience in project coordination in urban agriculture, horticulture, participation processes and food-based experiences and events.

_MG_0008Graphic Design – VICTOR PAIAM – Victor is originally from Spain. He has an art education from San Telmo University in Malaga and a personal commitment to environmental protection and permaculture. Victor has extensive experience in illustrations of botany and wildlife, illustrations of sustainable lifestyles and the development of visual identity for environmental initiatives and organizations.