Collaborate with us!

Nabolagshager as a project partner ensuring social, economic and environmental sustainability and impact!

Nabolagshager is a non-profit think-and-do tank that works with the social aspects of sustainable, urban development. As social entrepreneurs, we work with people, planet, and profit to make cities greener and more social. In our work we participate in research projects and conduct social programming, while also obtaining funding from our services and products. We focus on social inclusion, transformation, and work with grassroots approaches. We connect communities and democratize knowledge by bridging research and on the ground challenges.

We are an experienced project partner, currently involved as workpackage / task leaders in multiple European and national projects (read more about our current projects here).

In a consortium, Nabolagshager can:

  • Co-create and facilitate innovative solutions to urban challenges by executing pilot projects regarding topics like nature-based solutions, social inclusion, placemaking, participatory processes, circular economy on a neighborhood scale, entrepreneurship, urban agriculture, etc.
  • Deliver research-based tasks such as policy mappings, stakeholder mapping/analysis, and developing innovative participatory processes through living labs and citizen science. 
  • Communication and dissemination tasks such as organizing conferences, workshops, community events and media outreach, both academic and non-academic.

Key achievements from previous projects:

Managed living labs and co-creation processes to increase community input and participation, particularly in Oslo’s most challenging neighborhoods.

Pioneered projects in urban agriculture such as rooftop farming and urban beekeeping. 

Developed and executed citizen science projects together with academic partners. 

Created green jobs, targeting marginalized youth. 

Supported cities and regions in their transition towards sustainability and the green economy through policy and practice.

Nabolagshager also has an extensive network of SMEs, civil society organizations and initiatives that we can involve in projects as prototypers, focus groups, interviewees, etc. This ensures that a project has many possibilities to connect with end-users, and empowers groups of the public that often are not engaged in the transition to the green economy (read more about our partners here). 

If you would like to collaborate with us in a project proposal please contact us:

Helene Gallis
Founder/ Director of Partnerships