NABOLAGSHAGER is an Oslo-based center for urban agriculture, eco-innovation and green community initiatives.  Located in a part of Oslo dominated by a mix of immigrants and gentrification and on the premises of the National Association of Farmers, we consider ourselves an entity that builds bridges between many groups, including conventional agriculture and urban farming, hipsters and immigrants, traditional knowledge and cutting edge technology. Nabolagshager is a place where climate ambitions are translated into action.

We are social entrepreneurs and our activities fall into three main areas;

  • KNOWLEDGE FOR RESILIENCE; We organize a wide range of courses in topics related to organic gardening, where close to 2000 Oslo people have attended over the last couple of years. Courses include gardening for beginners, composting, urban foraging and urban chicken keeping. We also host a range of free events such as seed swaps and documentary screenings throughout the year to build informal networks and spread knowledge on key topics.
  • GARDENING FOR URBAN REGENERATION; We have over the last couple of years initiated and managed several projects related to using urban farming and gardening projects as tools to build social cohesion. Projects include Urtehagen på Grønland, -a public vegetable garden in a small neighborhood park, Gamle Oslo Hagecrew, – a summer job project with local high school dropouts, Sjakkplassen which regenerated an underused public space considered unsafe, by inviting in immigrant seniors, local businesses and tourists alike for shared experiences with outdoor chess and gardening, and Solsikkebarna which has worked with public housing projects and using communal gardening projects to increase the sense of belonging and of security. These projects are funded through various public financing sources.
  • GROWING GREEN EMPLOYMENT; We are building a team of consultants and activists that create green jobs related to urban food production, and are working like a startup hub for these initiatives. Projects that we are currently piloting, include aquaponic systems, rooftop farming, vertical food gardens, building of urban furniture such as flower planters for commercial clients, and academic/research collaborations. We expect this focus area to grow significantly over the next couple of years as mainstream businesses, property developers etc gain trust in the potential for both revenue generation and ecosystem services. We are also in the process of setting up a program for building green careers for local immigrant youth, as a powerful way to impact integration. The focus is on Somali Norwegians, as it is the group in which we have the strongest networks and due to their being the minority group with the highest unemployment rates, lowest education level and to a certain degree disconnectedness from the mainstream society.

Nabolagshager has conducted pilot projects for a range of governmental entities, including the Ministries of Environment and Climate, and Food and Agriculture. Our projects have been featured in several publications and case catalogs by for example the City of Oslo and the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development. Nabolagshager and our projects have been featured in a range of mainstream media outlets, and has a solid reputation of being on the frontline of urban agriculture in Norway.  

Contact us on post@nabolagshager.no for further information, requests for collaborations etc.