For one day only, we brought together some of the most successful rooftop garden projects from around the world, to share their stories of struggles and successes. We curated a group of changemakers with hands-on knowledge and good stories to tell, that can inspire property developers, architects, urbanists, landscape architects, investors, environmentalists and gardeners, to take the leap and ensure that all those green visions that we all share, can become reality.

We are grateful to the County Governor / Fylkesmannen in Oslo & Viken for their contributions to the event, the Royal Dutch Embassy in Oslo for supporting our Dutch guests, and Bykuben for facilitating the filming of the event.  The event was an official Green Capital event.

Here are the presentations from the seminar:

Intro / welcome from Helene Gallis, Nabolagshager:

Mr. Manfred Köhler, President of World Green Infrastructure Network:

Mr. Andreas Capjohn, U.reist / Clarion Hotel the Hub:

Wouter Bauman, Dakakkers (NL)

Steven Peck, President of Green Roofs for Healthy Cities:

Kristian Skaarup, Co-founder of ØsterGRO:

Emile van Rinsum, Rotterdams Mileucentrum / SlimDAK

Léon van Geest, Programme Manager of Rotterdam Rooftop Festival:

Helene Gallis, Nabolagshager

Idil Akdos, Head gardener at Nabolagshager and founder of Terasta Terim rooftop garden in Istanbul:




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Supported by/ støttet av: Fylkesmannen i Oslo og Viken
Supported by / støttet av: The Royal Dutch Embassy in Oslo