Erasmus + Sport #WithoutWaste

About the project

The goal of the project is to create and transfer the WithoutWaste ideas to grassroots sport organizations and educational institutions such as schools and universities.

The «Sport #WithoutWaste project» is a project funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus + Sport program.

The project is a multidisciplinary collaborative partnership aiming to start a sport #WithoutWaste movement focusing on 6 countries in the Balkan Region- Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Albania, and Turkey.

The project’s overarching target group is European citizens participating in grassroots leisure and sporting events organized on local, and national levels, operationally the project targets sports clubs and grassroots sports providers as the main promoters and implementers of the Sport #WithoutWaste movement. The project also targets local authorities and educational institutions in order to widen the scope of the movement.

Project partners:

BG Be Active (Bulgaria), ISCA (Denmark), Association Sport For All Suceava (Romania), ENVERÇEVKO (Turkey), Association Sport For All Serbia (Serbia), Hungarian School Sport Federation (Hungary) and Albanian School Sports Federation(FSHSSH) (Albania).

Project website:

Nabolagshager Role

Nabolagshager work as experts in:

  • Contributing to the partnership with expertise by sharing frontrunner examples that can be adapted to local contexts among the partner countries, allowing the proposal to take immediate action in the participant countries but also developing long- term strategies
  • Mapping local realities and collect best practices.
  • Adapting and developing guidelines for schools and NGOs/sport clubs.
  • Transferring the concepts to partner cities.


Research Document on #WithoutWaste grassroots sport events

The research done under the Sport #WithoutWaste Erasmus+ project is a foundation of data that can inform sport organizers and event managers, with the goal to reduce waste around local sports events. The report is based on a quantitative research process which was conducted in a collaborative effort of all partners in this project. It includes a comprehensive study of the partner countries: Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, and Türkiye. Link to download here.


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Photo credit: BG Be Active / Portrait photo credit: Julia Naglestad