Placemaking 4 Inclusion: reviving active citizenship for reshaping the societies

About the project

The goal of the project is to empower youth workers and youth organisations by using the placemaking methodology and practices to ensure social inclusion of young people of diverse backgrounds in jointly shaping the local communities.

«Placemaking 4 Inclusion: reviving active citizenship for reshaping the societies» is a project funded by the European Commission through the «Erasmus + program».

Social exclusion remains one of the biggest challenges in our societies, starting at the neighbourhood quarters in the cities where often young people live surrounded by the invisible borders defined by culture, religion or traditions, additionally influenced by the gentrification processes that are irreversibly changing the dynamics, for better or worse.

The project will work on incorporating placemaking approaches to youth work and non-formal education practices by taking the best out of consortium partners’ diverse experiences, both transnational and across sectors. By developing new placemaking tools for social inclusion, the project activities and outcomes will enable transformation and change at:

1) the sectoral level: youth work providers and youth organisations will be empowered with the new methodological approach and tools to social inclusion at the community level.

2) the organisational level: each consortium member will further develop its capacities to directly involve young people of different backgrounds in shaping the communities they live to their needs by exchanging transnationally newly developed practices.

3) the individual level: young people of diverse backgrounds will have the tools and capacities to become changemakers at both community and European level.

Project partners:

CGE Erfurt e.V. (Erfurt, Germany), YEU International (Brussels, Belgium), Urban Foxes, (Brussels, Belgium), Sguardi Urbani (Palermo, Italy), Estel (Barcelona, Spain) and AKNOW, (Greece).

Project website:

Nabolagshager Role

Nabolagshager work as experts in:

  • Mapping the local state of the art of placemaking in Oslo through interviews and focus groups
  • Co-creating and test the Placemaking for Inclusion Cookbook, which will feature best practices and tools for youth workers
  • Organizing training sessions for youth workers
  • Creating a Youth Ambassadors Network to encourage young people to lead 
  • Organizing youth exchange between partner cities


Comparative national report of «Placemaking for Inclusion» framework – Norway

As part of this project, we conducted research on youth inclusion in Oslo together with local youth and youth workers. The report highlights the need for placemaking methods, youth empowerment, and collaboration. Click here to download the report.

Similar research was also conducted in Belgium, Spain, Germany, Italy and Greece. The full transnational report can be found here.


For questions about this project, contact:

Annabel Mempel – Project Coordinator