In the future, all jobs should be green, but many of these future green careers simply don’t exist yet. One of Nabolagshager’s focus areas is to develop green jobs, mainly related to greener cities, circular innovation and urban food production.


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It is particularly important for us to test the potential for creating new jobs for demographic groups that often end up outside the ordinary labor market. In the summer of 2018 we therefore established the GREEN TEAM. This is a project supported by the Bergesen Foundation and the Urban Renewal Program of Grønland/Tøyen, to provide young people from the nearby Hersleb High School with work experience and inspiration for green career choices, through exploring urban gardening projects.

During the summer season, the youngsters tested and developed their own skills for problem solving, teamwork, handling tools, understanding an employer’s expectations, and explored their own ambitions to find motivation during the working day. Recruitment was exclusive to students of Hersleb High School, regardless of school motivation and previous work experience, or lack of such.

Foto: Mandel&Sesam

Our experience with the project is so far positive. We experience that allowing young people to work in small teams with close follow-up of mentors is a method that ensures that participants receive good follow-up, have tasks adapted to their skills level and allows for fluid feedback channels throughout the project.

This project will be followed by a new project in collaboration with Hersleb High School, in which the youth will work on circular innovation through the winter months.  The project starts in September of 2018 and will continue into 2019. This project is established in collaboration with the Oslo Museum / Interkulturelt Museum, and is supported by Urban Renewal Program of Grønland/Tøyen through the funding for improving the local built environment.

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Foto: Gabriele Sabunaite

During the summer, they also learned about organizing a larger audience event, – the Hagesirkus (garden circus) event in Urtehagen på Grønland.  Through these activities, they also gained experience in event planning, job creation and community engagement, and became positive and visible contributors to the local community.

We are currently seeking more economic partners to expand the number of participants, paid hours of work and results generated.

For further information, please contact the project coordinator Adam Curtis at adam @