Nabolagshager have, in cooperation with a number of European actors, had a project proposal called «PlaceCity, placemaking for sustainable, thriving cities» approved for funding. The support comes from the JPI Joint Programming Initiative, which is a cooperation agreement between the Norwegian Research Council and sister organizations in selected European countries. The call topics were about strategies to solve urban challenges; «Making Cities Work», by gathering city administrations, business and other stakeholders in experience exchange, networking moving forth concrete solutions. PlaceCity is one of a total of six European projects that have been granted supported from this call.

Placemaking, which may be explained as creative urban/place development, is both a method of working to improve local communities with a strong focus on involvement and relinquishing local powers, and a goal of places embracing physical, cultural and sociological identity. An important goal is cities and places that are designed and used on citizens’ terms, not on the terms of cars.

PlaceCity is run by urbanists, location developers and green actors. The overall goal of the project is to establish the European Placemaking Network (EPN), an international interdisciplinary network for creative site development that can engage both public, private and actors. The project will provide support and resources for both local and national local community initiatives across Europe.

The consortium aims to collect tools and methods in a European Placemaking Toolbox, and implement these tools in three case studies (Oslo, Vienna and Stockholm). The purpose of the implementation is not only to test tools but also to establish sustainable business models for creative development in local contexts.

To achieve this, the involved actors will work together with a combination of local partners (cities, communities and businesses) as well as partners at a higher local level (knowledge partners, local agencies, etc.). Thus, the consortium will develop as a knowledge platform with a direct link to implementation.

The project lasts 30 months and starts in January 2019. The final results of PlaceCity will be:

  1. A consolidated European placemaking network that offers constructive tools and strategies to local actors;
  2. A European network for placemaking that helps to strengthen relations between the JPI countries;
  3. Implementation of the toolbox in a number of local sustainable business models.

The Norwegian representatives in the project are the City of Oslo City Department of Environment and Transport, and Nabolagshager.

Austrian project partners include:

  • City of Vienna
  • University of Applied Arts Vienna
  • Eutropian Research and Action
  • Superwien Architektur

Other partners include:

  • Business Improvement Districts (BIDS) Belgium (Belgium)
  • Endeavor (Belgium)

The project builds on, and is supported by, STIPO, the Dutch placemaking agency whose long experience  and wide network sparked the idea of a European Placemaking Network, and of Project for Public Spaces (PPS), the global leaders in placemaking.

For questions about this project, contact project manager Laura Martinez at