NABOLAGSHAGER is an Oslo-based social enterprise and consultancy kickstarting a transition to a greener and more just society. Our goal is promote a shift to sustainability through entrepreneurship and knowledge exchanges. 

Through local initiatives and international collaborations we co-create multifunctional bottom-up solutions to urban challenges, such as facilitating green job opportunities for youth, creating rooftop gardens, integrating vulnerable groups, and increasing urban biodiversity. 


Key local projects we have initiated include Tak for Maten – an award-winning rooftop farm, Oslo Living Lab – an entrepreneurship program where green jobs and  circular economy are co-explored and co-created by local minority youth, Sjakkplassen – which regenerated an underused public space considered unsafe, by inviting in immigrant seniors, local businesses and tourists alike for shared experiences with outdoor chess and gardening.

Internationally, we collaborate with partners in academia, business and the public sector across Europe on projects related to urban farming, placemaking, entrepreneurship and the circular economy. Projects include PlaceCity, placemaking for sustainable, thriving, cities and EdiCitNet, Edible Cities Network, funded through JPI Urban Europe and the European Commission/ Horizon 2020.

Located in a part of Oslo dominated by a mix of immigrants and gentrification and on the premises of the National Association of Farmers, we consider ourselves an entity that builds bridges between many groups, including conventional agriculture and urban farming, hipsters and immigrants, traditional knowledge and cutting edge technology.

Our global challenges can only be resolved if they are accompanied with local action. We therefore work towards resolving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).  We specifically address SDG 11 (sustainable cities and communities) and 12 (responsible consumption and production), but also have an  impact on SDG 1, 2, 5, 8, 10, 15 and 17.



Meet some of our partners, customers and collaborators!

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Nabolagshager has conducted pilot projects for a range of public entities, including the Ministries of Environment and Climate, and Food and Agriculture. Our projects have been featured in several publications and case catalogs by for example the City of Oslo and the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development. Nabolagshager and our projects have been featured in a range of mainstream media outlets, and has a solid reputation of being on the frontline of urban agriculture in Norway.  


Our key impact areas are the following:


  • We believe all jobs should be green. We are focussing on exploring business models, products and services that in different ways align our visions with the shifts needed in the labour market. We are therefore building step by step a team of consultants and activists to create green jobs related to urban food production. Some of the projects that we are currently piloting include aquaponic systems, rooftop farming, vertical food gardens, building of urban furniture such as flower planters for commercial clients, and academic/research collaborations. With time we want to expand this job creation to local vulnerable communities, particularly youth, minority groups and refugees. 


  • Facing climate change and environmental degradation it is important to empower, inspire and re-skill people to incorporate environmental practises in their everyday life. At Nabolagshager we particularly focus on the journey from seed to plate in an urban context. Throughout the year we therefore host a lot of events, courses and other excuses to meet. These events, which can be anything from a seed swap, to a documentary screening, a course in composting or a shared meal in a public place , provide fantastic opportunities for people of all backgrounds to meet, learn new skills and take part in shaping a greener future. Over the last years, hundreds have  participated in our public urban food gardens, thousands have taken our courses and tens of thousands of seeds have traded hands, to mention some of our impacts.
  • We also participate in a range of national and international research-oriented projects and collaborations. Two examples of these are «Cultivating Public Spaces: Urban agriculture as a basis for human flourishing and sustainability transition in Norwegian cities», lead by the Norwegian University for Life Sciences, and the Horizon2020-project «Integrating Edible City Solutions for social resilient and sustainably productive cities», lead by Technische Universität Berlin in Germany.


  • Over the last few years we have initiated and managed several projects related to using urban farming and gardening projects as tools to build social cohesion. Projects include Tak for Maten – a rooftop demonstration garden, Solsikkebarna, – which has worked with public housing projects and using communal gardening projects to increase the sense of belonging and of security,  Sjakkplassen which regenerated an underused public space considered unsafe, by inviting in immigrant seniors, local businesses and tourists alike for shared experiences with outdoor chess and gardening, and Urtehagen på Grønland, -a public vegetable garden in a small neighborhood park in a multicultural neighborhood.


For questions regarding potential international collaborations, please contact Laura Martinez Izquierdo at